Hi! My name is Marcos Leal and I'm a Data Scientist at B2W. I currently work with SEO and Buybox. I am pursuing my masters degree at USP with the work entitled "Voice synthesis with Tacotron 2 with transfer learning and resources restrictions" only available in portuguese here. I graduated in computer science at UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense) with the work entitled "Musical instruments detection with neural networks" available here in portuguese.

I have dynamic interests but most of the cross the related themes below:

  • Neural Networks
  • RNN, CNN, LSTM, GRU and many other kinds of neurons, layers and activations
  • NLP (mostly because it was the main application of recurrent models)
  • Image Recognition and mostly convolution
  • Signal processing in general (FFT, DCT, 1DConv, 2DConv, 3DConv)
  • Activation Layers
  • Datavis and dashboard building

Eu em Chicago

My CV is available here and my geek code is below for those who would like to understand more of me :)

GCS d-@ s:- a-- C++++$ UL+++$>++++ P? L++ !E W++$ !N !o K--? w !O !M !V? PS++(+++) PE(+) Y+(--) !PGP- t !5 !X R* tv- b+ DI++ !D G e+++>++++ h-->++ r y++**>++++